Monday, March 3, 2008


I was disillusioned over life, not for the fact that I had qualified and not go and participate for my first Biathlon race.

I was disillusioned over my job, over finding the dream job. Been doing nothing for 2 weeks now. Sending resumes, attending interviews, talking to people. Watching 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Went for several leisure swim and run sessions.

I was disillusioned over a dream job, something to do, something like I like to be working on, day in, day out.

I found the answer. Follow my bliss. What I would like to do is simple. I had achieved it before but I was just put off by my "dream job". My BLISS is simply, training for marathons, registering for them and going for them. Now there are so many event overseas and it is not limited to Singapore. So, I decided to think out of the box again, overseas marathons.

Travel and do what i enjoy most. So the "dream job" would be something that could satisfy my desire for sports, for travel.

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