Tuesday, October 30, 2007

David Tao Concert in Taipei 26 Oct 07 Review

Wonderful concert, completely different from the ones I went for earlier, this is one concert in Taipei and I realised the locals are really modest, in the way that they do not stand up and sing along. I was a bit high to his music but it seems awkward to be cheering for him alone, the girls beside me were so quiet. It seems like I had disturb them if I did stand up.

David Tao really impressed with his brand of "Soul" music. Ever since, he cut his first album in 1997. That's it, I grew up with his music. What could I do, his Love Can World Tour skipped Singapore somehow, Taipei is the destination. Since it is the nearest available one. He had planned Singapore/Malaysia this tour but the dates are unannounced yet.


Taipei Arena aka 小巨蛋. David Tao as dedicated to his music swears he had imported the audio systems from Shanghai and gotten a Team of Audio people from Hongkong to man the system. The very night after the concert, my ears were deafening. There seems to be a bee in my ears the whole night.


The stage. Lots of laser, no fireworks.

He totally remaked and remixed songs like 今天你要嫁給我 and Susan Says 蘇三說 and this is the first concert he actually sing other artistes' songs. There is this segment in the concert which he sang 10:30的飛機場, he sang halfway and left, driving to the airport in a Volkswagen (a sponsor) and everyone was really thrilled when he actually drove the Volkswagen into the stage.


DT has a song called 孫子兵法. While he was singing this song, the screen was really showing all the events on the calender happening on September 11. He had really amassed many events of great misfortune. His purpose of showing this: Wishing that the world has more LOVE and lesser WARFARE, lesser TERRORISM.

This is one concert which David Tao touched many sitting audiences with his music. A Spectacle. I enjoyed myself. Thank you Wanlin for being there with me. I know you enjoyed the concert too.

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