Sunday, August 12, 2007

21 Things To do with your Girlfriend

1. Plan and share a holiday together. (Anticipation will really hype up the relationship.)
2. Donate a liver to your loved one and married her. Remember Pierre Png?
3. Go to Singtel and look for exact same numbers for subscription. Just having the last 4 digits switch around.
4. Buy her MacDonald's Hotcakes for breakfast and watch her wake up to it.
5. Cut a CD for her with your favorite tracks.
6. Bring her to a MERRY-Go-ROUND and spin each other in it.
7. Plan to bring friends and take her to a place she longed to go.
8. Take her to a movie she anticipated for a long time.
9. Let her enjoy being piggyback by you.
10. Declare each other love for each other on a blog, writing it into a love story.
11. Queue 7 hours for donuts factory donuts for your boyfriend.
12. Fly 16 hours from Singapore to Los Angeles, California just to meet up with your girlfriend (Ermm, the who ah, correct me if I'm wrong).
13. Going through a few car accidents together and surviving them.
14. Talk on the phone with each other till both fall asleep.
15. Get the swatch secret code ring for each other. Putting on a secret date.

16. Send her flowers and make her happy.
17. Run 10 kilometers just to say "HI" and ask for a glass of water.
18. Praise her whenever you could and really be generous on this.
19. Give sound advice on her problems and try to solve it together.
20. Ask her for a dance.
21. Having her to bake a birthday cake for you and showing you appreciate the act. And vice versa.


Lisa said...

do u want me to cry? =(

Lisa said...

im sure a few numbers are dedicated to me........

marcoEcrazyhorse said...

no.. I never meant to make you cry. This blog is meant to help me remember things..

Lisa said...

i noe lah...

Lisa said...

i noe...

Anonymous said...


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