Friday, June 15, 2007

Donuts Factory 7 hours wait

Of cos, it is not me who queued up for 7 hours for the DONUTS from donuts factory. Everyone is crazy about the donuts. It certainly have many many flavours. They looked and tasted yummy. Worth the long wait of 7 hours? You decide.Know why I filed this entry under self-help? Know why my sister could queue for 7 hours for the donuts. For her, it is really LOVE. She got 2 boxes, 1 box for the family and 1 box for her boyfriend's family.
So what does the donuts taste like?
Weipeng(Happily dancing to the tunes of Shakira): The "double chocolate" has got white chocolate as a coating on the outside with milk chocolate on the inside. When your teeth engages into the donut, the melted milk chocolate rushes into your taste buds and screams "*****" (feels like the first you had your first kiss, supple and tender). The melted milk chocolate on the inside is not too sweet or intense. The donuts could really lift anyone's spirits and make you forget about the whole day's hard work.

1 comment:

Angeline said...

Well said. Only love can motivate one to wait for hours.

You make me wanna try the donuts! Argh! Why didn't you save a bite for me?

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