Monday, December 1, 2008

Sponsorship for Tokyo Marathon on 22 March 2009

Quest for Sponsorships for Tokyo Marathon 2009

Here goes,

I will use this blog as a media to reach out to people to sponsor coach and I for a trip to Tokyo, Japan in march 2009 for the Tokyo Marathon.

The Passionate Runners

Coach - Mang Tsz Kit, Jackie aka Cityrunner, 26
Myself - Ong Wei Peng, Marco aka Crazyhorse, 25

Achievements so far

Having 9 marathons between us in 4 years to date 1 Dec 2008. Will be completing 1 more marathon on 7 December.

I started in 2005 and had completed 4 marathons so far, Coach is one up, with a MILESTONE of 5 marathons.

Over the next few months running up to march next year, I will be constantly updating our training progress and this quest to find sponsors/ well-wishers for our trip.

Sponsorship proposal

Coach has this dream of letting people get involved in our training, without physically there. Of course, you can join us for trainings on Sundays at MacRitche Reservoir.

Sponsors could get their name and message on our running Tees. That is the one that we will be wearing for the event in Tokyo.

The sponsor with the highest amount credited will be able to choose to spread a message on both of our running attire.

T-shirt Design

No, we do not earn our keep as designers. But the design is really cute. Here. This will be how you can help two fellow Singaporean fulfill their dream.

We welcome kit sponsors too.

Goal of the Quest

We are looking to get enough to cover the expenses for about 8 days of accommodation and return tickets for Cityrunner and Crazyhorse.

Next Entry

Passion and why it sustains us to continue running.


How To

Interested bidders/ fellow runners/ well-wishers can wire,do internet banking to the fellowing accounts.

POSB Savings – 109162469
OCBC Savings – 5383030227

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