Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Year Journey, No Destination In Sight

It has been ONE YEAR, lots of places were visited, lots of activities carried out, lots of weight, experience and knowledge gained and understanding forged.

Places we visited together:
Rendang, Malaysia
Kota Tinggi, Malaysia
Tokyo, Japan
Kawakujiko, Japan
Batam, Indonesia

Places in Singapore that are memorable:

Changi Boardwalk (very happy to revisit the place)
Hort Park (bringing you back very soon)
Botanic Gardens (very nice lawn and the greenery soothes the heat in Singapore)
La Villa (very good atmosphere for hanging out)
Charcoal (our first meal together)
Tan Tock Seng Hospital (your workplace for almost a year)
Singapore Flyer (well worth the money because I went for it with you)
Upper Seletar Reservoir (nice scenic place)
East Coast Park (one of our favorite places to sit and chill)
The National Library (because you love books)
Marina Barrage (such a beautiful place, its lucky we went before the new Integrated resort was up)
The place with a pretty sail
Bottle Tree Restaurant in Sembawang
Palau Ubin (my first time to the part of the island which is not OBS)
Sentosa Beaches

Restaurants that was memorable (be it for the good food, arguments we had or love we shared):
Japanese Ramen Restuarants (the food is so good and this is where I gained my double chin - will lose it soon)
HK Cafe in Kovan ( we had a small squabble here, but make up real fast)
Charcoal (food was not good, but I heart the place because its the first place we dined at)
Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant (where we queued up for dinner and the aftermath was very bad)

Experiences and Knowledge Gained:
Never had I run a marathon with such an ardent supporter - Tokyo Marathon 2009 (I can do it again)
The movies we shared together and the warmth I have in my arms.
Medical Knowledge
Learning to ride a bike, fly a kite and take a bus to Malaysia.
Understanding your character and taking time to convince you

This post is dedicated to Miss Ong Aili, girlfriend and fiancee of 1 year now.
Thank you for being such a wonderful, lovely, bubbly, beautiful and thoughtful girlfriend.


ps. the journey is estimated to go on for at least 60 years, WOOHOO

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