Sunday, June 3, 2007

五月天 [JUMP 離開地球表面] 新加坡演唱會 2007 Review

五月天 [JUMP 離開地球表面] 新加坡演唱會 2007 was a concert without any guest appearance from other stars or celebrity. Mayday do not need them. The 5 of them rocked the house down. Teared down the roof and all the concert-goers helped to stomped the ground.

In the middle of 戀愛ING, they threatened to left the stage as concert-goers were not loud enough in saying L.o.V.e. Finally everyone teamed up and roared back Mayday to the stage. Woohoo.

Masa had a solo performance, playing the keyboard and sung 2 songs. Yellow, an english song and 最重要的小事 from their new album. There was a silence in the MAx Pavilion as he was preparing the keyboard. Kit and I took the opportunity and yelled for "MASA". Oh, for that moment, we own the concert as people cheered us on. There was a common interest, a common likeness, We were all Mayday Fans.

So, Kit and Xiu, Rock Records still exist and they never resolved to become EMI-capital. OK? Support Rock Records Singapore, Ah Shin appealed to the masses and they promised to be back next year at the indoor stadium.

This is not just a Mayday Concert. It is 五月天 [JUMP 離開地球表面] 新加坡演唱會 2007. I jumped out of the world's surface last night. Thank you Mayday.

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