Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 07

Okie..1 crazy friend of mine said he wants to join the half marathon for this year's event. I told him one must reach a milestone and complete 5 marathons. So having did one this year in HONG KONG and another one later in the year. He is considering hanging up his running shoes. Tsz Kit. Trust me you will keep running.

Today I went out and applied for Singapore BAY RUN scheduled for 26 August. It is really a half marathon 21km. And with my 4th marathon coming in december. It would be back to the discipline of running once every week. Though many many veterans say this is not enough.

Till then, after I reach my milestone, I will confront the scientific truth and see a specialist. My ankle hurts.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

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