Friday, December 7, 2007

Minutes from Tibet Meeting due May

Stuart: The minutes for our meeting can be summarised as follows:

1. Our budget for China (Excluding airfare) will be $1500. From there, we will pool together a fund and divide by 30 days, so we have a good rough budget to adhere to daily.

2. That's all.

Minutes of last meeting (4/12/2007)

1. arrivial of members
2. chicken rice/duck rice meal
3. proceed to macdonalds
4. 3 milo big, 2 coke big
5. matters relating to national service days
6. matters relating to dragon boat
7. matters relating to marco's treatment to his men
8. matters relating to 5K or 8K
9. meeting concluded at approximately 10pm

Thats the minutes. ;p

Weipeng: Trust me, as good o' friends, the discussion never start till we were actually leaving for home.

Date of departure: 9 May 2008
Meeting point: Guangzhou, China Train Station

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