Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Review of Standard Chartered Marathon 2007

To Thank list:

1. Mang, Running buddy who trained with me throughout for 4 consecutive marathons.
2. The bands from various schools playing for the runners in East coast park.
3. The volunteers for this event who furnish every runner with water, 100-plus, deep-heat, bananas, cheers and motivation. (You were part of the team, part of the reason we managed to finish the race.
4. To the cool weather on 2 December such that we could Run Easy.
5. To the countless number of supporters who came to support their friends and family. There was no difference. They cheered for everyone for even longer than some runners run.

To Remember list:

1. A runner who dedicated his marathon run to, "To Remember our fallen SPORTS comrades 2007."
2. To a couple who dedicated their marathon to each other.
3. To a runner who dedicated his run to, "My wife, who is still sleeping"

P.S. Number 1 on the to remember list really affected me much while I was near my exit at the East Coast park, it was 30km and I saw behind this runner. I was touched by him. I felt so much because my brother was an rower in his polytechnic days, even made captain! I also trained for a short stint when I was in polytechnic too.

To Note List:

1. It is not the timing that really matters when you are running. It is the people around you. The motivation you get to pull yourself back together. It is wonderful that meeting my running buddy again really made for a turn on the tables for me. From giving UP to giving MY BEST. Finishing hand in hand in a Triumphant spirit is all that counts.
2. I run because it teaches me patient.
3. There is really fun to be made cheering to Hydration salts and Isotonic Drinks.
4. With all the mental built-up in being motivated/motivating/thought of giving up/frustration, that is why crossing the finishing line is always SWEET.

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