Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tibet Preparations

Been some time since I blogged, there will not be too much organization.

Tibet is in turmoil. We are here safe in Singapore but Tibet is under siege. I would not take sides but as a traveler, it is a pity that we have to make changes to accord to the situation. We bought tickets to Chengdu, China anyway and is flying in on 9 May, 2008.

-If the unrest settles down in Tibet on 9 May, we will set foot in it still, fly into Lhasa.
-If Tibet is still in turmoil, that is no way the Chinese government will let travelers access the place. So we will tour a few major China cities and make a fast exit.

Research by Benny-san has shown that past travelers to Tibet had to hide the fact that are traveling to Tibet. The Chinese immigration officers are not willing to let just anyone get into the scared land.

It is not until the 'Tibet turmoil' that I know that Tibet's spiritual leader is living in exile in India. Well, I hope the unrest and protest will stop and both sides will take a peaceful stand on this issue. I hope that the Beijing Olympics will go on smoothly too. Afterall, the stand to many countries is clear,

"Do not let political issues get into the way of a great Sports event."

Very comprehensive coverage on the 'Tibet Turmoil'

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