Monday, April 21, 2008

Tribob Sprint Biathlon 19 apr 2008

My first ever Biathlon event: Tribob Sprint Biathlon 2008

I completed the event in about 1 hour 10 minutes. I'm glad I completed it.

Got the official timing: 1 hour 6 minutes and 12 seconds (recorded by the timing chip with a deposit of SGD50)


It was fun thinking of how to set up your own stuff at the transit area, how to place your shoes, socks, running singlet, a bottle of water to wash off the sand. A proper setup saves a lot of time. One participant even got a field chair set up.


The 750m swim was tough for me. Technique was not there and the sea water tastes horrible. I do not know what prompt me to go for it. My timing was bad and was among the last few to come in from the swim. Have to learn free-style next. I had some encouragement from my coach though. He said if I think the swim was bad, it's bad. He thought I did all right. Well, Tribob is an expensive event and I appreciate that he joined the event, accompanying me to let me have a taste of biathlon.


It was a short 5km run, considering I try to do 10km every weekend. I realized training was not enough, after the swim, I could not push my body. I had to maintain jogging and was really delighted, somehow I feel its damn short at the finishing line. The swim killed me. My legs were heavy and I had to catch my breathing.

After the race

It was a delight having the event helpers to put on the finisher's medal for you. The finishing is a triumphant moment. I felt I worked hard it. There was this bag of isotonic drink, mineral water, banana and apple given to everyone. One thing about the event is, its a small event and its in Sentosa, there are not much people to cheer you on. Cheerleaders would helped a lot.

I would take time off to learn free-style and take on the full biathlon.

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