Friday, March 16, 2007

Bankers, Insurance agents, Financial Consultants, Property agents

Who are they? Can you differentiate these professions? I see people working in the above professions as motivated individuals, knowing what they want in life, striving ahead in their career. Well, after I finished my degree (am waiting for the resutls), I should not idle around. Set another goal for myslef. Get the certificate for property selling in Singapore.

I see insurance agents as very motivated few, they grab their friends and relatives and hopefully branch out from the network. To expand their clientele. I think persuading my friends and relatives to buy insurance from me is very hard.

I had talked to a Financial Consultant who liken himself to be a strategist. Saying that I could be his "king". If I needed to buy an apartment (going into war), he will set out a strategy (information gathering and market survey) for me, before engaging the generals (bankers, property agents and lawyers) to fight the war. Wow, with this analogy, I wonder how much he will charge. I was ALMOST brainwashed.

Banker: I like this profession. My friend who is working in a local bank (I not say which), actually has a database of customers to follow up on and he is not self-employed. He has a basic salary on top of commission from selling investments and policies. Yes, banks are branching out to selling insurance policies and traditional insurance companies are coming out to link their policies with investments.

Coming back into the picture. A banker, to me is a more secure and comfortable position to be in. Having a database of customer (people who have back accounts) and even walk-in customers. I say I'm shy of going out and approach new people.

So much sales talk from these professions, sometimes they give me goose bumps, forever talking about financial security, wealth management, getting out of the rat race.

SO much for this interesting band of profession. I say if you liken yourself to be a strategist, you will become one. You are what you think you are.

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