Friday, April 13, 2007

Amazing Race Asia Season 2 application

Man, I tired from the preparation of the application forms. It is actually 4 days of work.

First day - To rope in teammates. After Stuart (siao on) agreed to join the amazing race as my teammate. Kit (ai mai ai mai) decided to give it a go too.

Day 2 - Meeting up the guys after work. I had already filled up 2 sets of application forms the night before. Stuart and Kit are just filling them up. We had the videos required taken too. 3 videos. 2 selected and I burned them into vcds. I slept at 4 am after typing one set of it.

Day 3 - Emphasized on the required stuff like a recent photo with your team mate and passport photos. Met up with Stuart and Kit one after the other to get their part of the application forms and passport photos.

Day 4 - Printed labels to stick on the envelopes. Checked the contents against a checklist. Had put everything and sealed it up in an envelope. Send it in to AXN Asia office at Abacus Plaza at 2.25pm. (Closing was at 5pm) Phew. Had no time to allow post in thus have to courier it personally.

Day 4 - Rained so heavily.. the visibility on the roads was like Haze in Singapore with a PSI reading of 800. Luckily I got to Abacus Plaza situated Tampines on time.

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