Monday, April 23, 2007

Interested Enough

Okie...its 230am on a monday morning and I'm really tired from my swim in the evening. Swimming is never my forte and I'm really worn out.

I had been tossing and turing around in bed for the last 1 and half hour and I decided to jump out of bad and download my thoughts here.

I met up with Serene, a secondary school classmate which I never knew during my schooling days. So, I consider her a new friend. Who makes new friends everyday man? We met up for supper last saturday and she taught me a new term, "Interested Enough".

So what does she meant by the term? I told her my friend has a target to go after but he never really go all out to get the girl. MY friend is "interested" but Serene says, since he is not going all out, he is not "interested enough".

At this point of time, it really struck me, "interested enough"? It is really a high degree of interest to get to before deciding to get into a relationship.

Something to ponder about.


Okay, I decided I grew really "Interested Enough" and had taken the initiative. Watch this space.


terryaki said...

Hi bro. Never knew you had a blog and never knew what was marcoecrazyhorse supposed to mean.

This gonna be one of my daily reads. Catch up soon :)


I too, ponder over these 2 words recently.....It's difficult for me to get interested at all. I always follow my heart, cos i know my heart will never lie to me. Hope you are too.....

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