Friday, April 6, 2007

Paulaner Munchen 5 apr 07

I went to have a drink with kit and xiu at Paulaner Munchen. Yup, they serve the best self-brewed beer in town man. I was so satisfied after the drink.

Ordeal With Police Road Block
Kit was already sleeping by the time he settled down in my car. Boy, the effects of alcohol on someone driving is great. I rested myself after I reach Kit's. I was really sleepy when I was driving down woodlands to Xiu's. Guess what. I jerked my steering wheel and went off course. By this time, Xiu had nudged me and I was awake.

After this, we saw flashing lights on the road. It was a road block. I told myself to remain calm. I kept my composure and smiled at the policeman. Luckily, my family MPV passed off as a friendly vehicle. I was F***ing relieved.

Woohoooo... Never to drink and drive again.

LIFE, as it seems, we need to take a break at some point of time.

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