Monday, April 2, 2007

Trekking Lata Hammers 31 Mar

Angeline notified me on wednesday to go for a weekend trekking in Pahang, Malaysia and on friday night, I was on my way with her university friends. Man, I enjoyed the trip so much.

It was a quick getaway with so much food and nice scenery. Well, I never thought of going back into the jungle after I ord from national service, at least not when I'm wearing the "Famous Green Pajamas".

I want to thank Angeline to have me meet her wonderful friends who carried the heavy equipment to keep me warm and dry in the rain. They were really nice to get along with. I would not hesitate to go for the next one and this is a yearly event!

angeline's blog She's good, a very detail summary of the whole trip

Waterfalls of malaysiaThis is the guide

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Angeline said...

I'm really glad that you've enjoyed the trip! Cos I enjoyed tremendously! =p

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