Sunday, May 13, 2007

11 May 2007 Taiwanese Jet Crash Kills 2 Singaporean Soldiers

Taiwanese Chinese paper reporting the jet crash on the headlines.

I left for Taipei on the 9 May 2007 and got to Taichung from the HSR Taoyuan Station - The Taiwan equivalent of the Japan bullet train. The journey was the fastest and the most comfortable in the Taiwan as it was spacious. Well the speed still fall short of the Japanese's bullet train. It was travelling at 265km/hr and reach Taichung in around 30 mins.

While having lunch in Taichung, I got a mixed feeling as the Taiwanese media splashed news of a 'Grandpa' plane F5F crashing into the Hukou camp. Damn, I was in the camp doing my duty back in 2005. The news was ongoing and come evening, it was reported that 2 Taiwanese Soldiers and 2 Singaporean Soldiers are dead. One Taiwanese pilot was newly married for only a year and had a child. 9 Singaporean soldiers were injured with 2 having more than 50 percent body burns.

The night before, I was in Taipei Shilin night market and I recognised the 'people' having their R & R. And I was like "Hey", I was them in 2005 with my crewcut hair style. Then the next day, I heard Singaporean soldiers dying in an accident in Taiwan.

English Taiwanese paper reporting on the headlines.

Arriving back in Singapore 12 May 2007, I saw my younger brother. He had came to fetch me from the airport after just coming back from an overseas training period. Man o Man. Every Singaporean man is doing his part for the country and this may just be one reason some may go out of the country to work but they still want to come back to Singapore.

Man. I gave my brother a big hug and my sister told us, we were inviting stares from the people in the airport. Hahaha..

LIFE could get unfortunate, cherish the loved ones around you.

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