Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Window smashed at amk carpark, laptop STOLEN

Jordon posting with Jackie and both smiling after Jordon's car got smashed by a laptop burgler.

I fixed to meet up with Jordon and Jackie for dinner today. And then news came at 2030(time we suppossed to meet), that both of them are still at their office.

2100 - Jordon called and said that his window glass was smashed and had lost his laptop. Not coming to meet us.

2130 - Jackie has just arrived by cab and we are looking for food (hungry). Jordon called and asked for cardboard and biscuits. Oh, come on, as brothers, we will not let you starve on biscuits, we had MacDonald's and used a vaccum cleaner to clean up the diamonds (the glass pieces really look like diamonds).

After tremendous effort from the policemen, no fingerprints were found and they suspect the burgler to be wearing gloves.

Jordon, hope the culprit is found soon. God Bless.

LIFE could just get unlucky, but with friends, it's a small hindrance.

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