Thursday, May 17, 2007

Running on a High

I enjoyed my running today. It is really fulfilling and satifying to catch up and overtake a fellow runner. Hmmm, I notice something moving very far ahead of me. Then as I was running, it was a fig. 5, slowly, it was a fig. 11 and finally overtaking the jogger.

Never look back once you overtake someone because...

  • The runner probably is older else you have no chance to overtake.
  • The runner is bitter over you overtaking him and he wants to chase you to it. Continue running to keep pace.
  • The runner thinks you are challenging him and may engage you in a catfight.
  • You really should mind your own business.
With no one as a pacer. You are your own enemy. The other thing stopping you from going at a faster speed would be wind resistance. You decide how much and how far you want to go(We really could apply this to everywhere and anything we do).

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