Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hot springs in Beitou, Taipei

Well, for this business trip, I was not with friends, Thailand Dec 2006 was fun with friends around.

But I still sorta enjoy Taiwan for the scenery and the new places that I went to.

I stayed at this hotel in Beitou, Taipei. Hmm, Taiwan is a big place, let's say even after you reached Beitou station(Taiwan Taipei's MRT), you still need to take a cab and need 5 mins to reach the hotel.

What better way to illustrate than with pictures?Trust me. The bathtub is big enough to seat 2 adults and the water flowing is directed from the hot springs nearby. The water is abit smelly if you ask me, cos it has a high content of sulphur.

And I got to Taichung this time round in Taiwan's High Speed Railway (HSR). The train was traveling at 265km/hr but I do not feel a thing seated in the train.

According to xiu, there are 5 night markets "must go" in Taiwan, so friends, who want to register to go to Taiwan at the end of the year?

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Anonymous said...

Tibet..... tibet..... we're nearing it...

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