Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2nd Korean Killed in Afghanistan

18 Korean Christians, including 15 women, kidnapped in Afghanistan on 19 July, 2007. A second Korean was killed yesterday. They were kidnapped by the Taliban and held hostages in exchange for 23 Taliban rebels captured by the Afghan government.

Whatever is happening is scary, these Korean went on a peace mission but were held hostages and 2 are killed. Is this terrorism? Terrorism is his name. Globalization may just be the cause of it. As the world becomes smaller, the good heart are not confined to spaces and they really want to get out and help the more unfortunate. They are in danger and the whole of South Korean mourns for them. It is making headlines around the world. Their family are the worse-off here, knowing that their loved ones are in tremendous danger but could not do a thing.

I plead for the Kidnapped Koreans here to be released. I hope my "voice", no matter how small, could be heard by someone out there.

Prayers for the Koreans.

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