Monday, August 27, 2007

Singapore Bay Run 2007 Review

Went for the 21 km half marathon on Sunday 26 august 2007. It was a good run starting at an earlier time of 5.30am. Phew. It was early. It was really crowded and the crowd could never be overtaken. Ha ha, I was late for the whistle blow for flag off.

Was really blurry at 5.30am, playing with my digital watch and later realized that it was my "Timer" instead of skipping my "Stopwatch" function. Cock up 1.

The run was well-organized with lots of water-points till the end. The only big big complaint was there was a messed-up at the baggage deposit/collection point at the end of the run. The baggage was really tagged to the participants race bibs but it ended up the people at the collection got confused or something. It was chaotic. One of my friend ended up queuing and waited 2 hours for his bag. Cock up 2.

All and all, I did enjoyed the run was it was good training for the marathon at the end of the year.

To probably every participants' dismay, the Singapore Bay Run marked the fourth endurance race death in two years.

One friend of mine admitted to resort to running to vent his frustrations. At least, it is healthier than other vices. Got to do longer distances then. Be happy.

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