Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wrap up for August 2007

Hmmm, highlights for the month of August. Was ill for slightly more than a week early august after visiting the night safari on the 4th.

Had a blog entry which I believed touched a few hearts. Had a long awaited mini holiday to KL_Genting in Mid August.

I missed out a blog entry dedicated for this trip. But well, I think I made some people turn their heads for the ladies with this collage. I really like the KL Twin Towers. They are beautiful. I never liked the Taipei 101 building when I was there back in May.

Genting is really a place for relaxation and there's about it. The food is expensive and all of us don't seem to want to spend much in Malaysia. I sure did enjoyed my Wu Bai and China Blue concert over in Genting when Wu Bai executed his dancing moves.

Come to the closing of August, its my birthday, like usual, I got many many friends wishing me a Happy Birthday and I truly appreciate all your well-wishes. Never really celebrated my birthday, lest having my family sing a birthday song for me and my mum cook mee suan for me. Thank you mum.

The very next day, try as I want, I could not make it to the proposal site for Terry and Wenxin. A look at their videos here and it was really touching. You would find 2 videos with the links and there is really another one on youtube but it is supposed to be a private video.

Just today, I was made messenger for my friends. I had to inform B that A could not attend a function with B because A had to be working on Saturday. Complicated right, thinking that A is worried that B will be alone for the function but did not want to go. I got myself confused narrating this bit.

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