Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17 Jan 2007 a world around struck by natural disasters

17 jan 2007

today as i read the news on the papers, watch the news on channel newsasia. what stunned me was the natural disasters around the world. as everyone in singapore would have known, our neighbour, malaysia is facing major floods in kota tinggi and parts of northern malaysia.

In singapore, florist wholesalers along thomson road experienced as heavy downpour swept their flpwers and they face losses.

In California today. it is freezing. (pic:fresh snow covering evergreen trees)the orange plantation at a sub-zero temperatures and oranges have froze on the trees. so its orange ice-blended is "the" drink in california now. but their people are troubled as transportation is a hindrance now.42 are dead in the winter storms.

In Australia however, it is soaring temperatures and as I write, the melbourne forest are burning. what a constrast.Wildfires destroyed eight homes in Australia's southern Victoria state overnight after cutting power lines and plunging parts of the capital Melbourne into darkness. temperature are as high as 40 degree celsuis.

it is important to be high and dry at the comfort of your own home. but imagine the power of nature. when the rain covers your house and you will be wet and grumpy.

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