Monday, January 22, 2007


I really should get an entry about my driving in my blog.

Since 2002, it has been 5 years since i got my licence and have been driving since. I would rate myself as a cautious driver whenever I do have any passengers on board.

I tend to drive more slowly and pay more attention to the road when I had passengers on board. I do not want endanger anyone.

When I was still a green driver, I went for a trip to Thailand, Koh Samui, and my group of friends decided to rent a jeep. And I was the driver, proudly the first of the group and the only licenced person in the group. But the embarassing part was when we were trying to go uphill somewhere in Koh Samui, the beautiful beach island, and I could not get the jeep uphill till we managed to engage one kind "ang mo" to help us engage 4wd. After that, driving round small koh samui island was a breeze.

That's the part for the early days of my driving and driving is a large part of my life now that I drive around and going public is really stranger to me.

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