Thursday, January 18, 2007

Backpacking trip to Tibet


Yes...Stuart, Jackie, Benny... My Dad had given me the vote of confidence and he actually encouraged me to go backpacking. My mum was thinking.. "Huh! You want to go for a 2 months' trip?"

We had actually set out last year - October 2006 that we want to go for a backpacking trip and had agreed on October 07. But this year, we welcome Benny into the picture and had agreed upon on may 2008 to set out for the trip.

Hope we are going to do it and not just all talk. I really want to go and travel and see the world. That's why I had actually wanted to go ahead with the trip whether my parents give their approval. After all, I'm 23 this year. But with the support of my dad, I feel more comfortable.

So, I sign off here, Tibet and China here I come. Power la, got Beijing 2008 Olympic too, we will plan to take a walk there.


Uncle 9 said...

So hen jiu mei you kan le la?

Uncle 9 said...

Maybe we should have a little deposit account of $2000/- each. Then no one will back out!
Here we come horsies!

marcoEcrazyhorse said...

So okay, you guys deposit $2000 into my account first. I will save keep the money for you guys... k?

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