Monday, January 22, 2007

Driving Confessions

2006 had been bad year for my driving. I am lucky enough to have got 2 rides that I take to work and for play. The Mitsubishi (Grandis) and Mitsubushi (L300) are my current rides.

So, I wish to end the curse of my bad luck driving in 2006. In July 2006, I remember it was a saturday morning and I was driving my van to the bank when I was caught into accident with this toyota camry. Man, was I shocked. After the bump into the boot of the camry. My clutch was spoilt and my van could not move. And the central lock system was damaged too. Thanks to the housewife who suddenly e-brake at the traffic lights.

Come late november 2006, the weather in Singapore was wet and it is raining quite frequently. This time round, I was in my van and it bumped into a nissan latio. Man, it drop the ultimatum on me. I was so shell-shock my heart stopped beating for a second.

Well, when a man does something wrong, he have to face the music and when a man achieves something great, he must be ready to take the credit for it too.

So I sign off here wishing that 2007 will be good driving year for me(no more accidents) and friends could enjoy more nights of joy-rides with me, going places and chatting heartily while I'm driving.

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