Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Trip to relax

Good Friday will be coming in April and my friends are planning to go on a low budget tour to our neighbouring country. This is very very fast(the gap between my last trip - Mar in HK and Apr going again),xiu says she needs to unwind and take a break. I say she is outta love for too long now. But still, I love to travel.

Aug 05 - Hongkong Disneyland
Oct 05 - Melbourne, Australia
Nov 05 - Taipei, Taiwan
Jun 06 - Some Kelong in Malaysia
Dec 06 - Bangkok, Thailand
Mar 07 - Hongkong
Apr 07 - Port Dickson, Malaysia?
Apr 08 - Tibet, China? (backpacking trip with stuart benny jackie)

And my crazy group of friends are planning to go on trips every year. Good huh, now that I'm single, I'm enjoying the company of friends. I would say I feel good but of course still waiting for the dream girl to appear. Work hard and save up for the travel expenses for now.

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