Monday, February 26, 2007

A fruitful Sunday

To sum it all up, what makes a fruitful sunday? I woke up early at 7, when to fetch my friends up at sengkang and bishan then, we had a run at MacRicthie reservoir. In the afternoon I had a mahjong with my family and I was the big winner of the game, though we only play with the chips and not gamble on money. In the evening it was a huge gathering with 14 friends and we "luo Hei" and had a great feast. The menu was fabulous, completed with chili crab, crab soup beehoon, steamfish, fried veggies, cereal prawns, playboy chicken(which was really sweet and sour chicken). And to end the night, one of my friends gave me a present(a bottle of tomota catsup from Indonesia).

As for the picture, thank you angeline for coming to run with us on the beautiful sunday, training for the marathon HK is hard but this is the first time we got pictures taken as angeline brought her camera phone along. Injecting some life into the training.

P.S. I feel bad for the bruise Angeline sustained from the fall during the last bit of the run. Get well soon.

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