Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last exam for my BMGT (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

Today marks the end of my part-time degree that I undertake with APMI, During the last 15 months of this part-time, I moved from the old campus at international plaza into the city campus (as they call it) at starhub center. AMPI was "eaten" up by Kaplan. A big USA educator group.

So, later in the evening, I'm going to take my examinations for Applications in Supply Chain Management. An examination which I do have any confidence in passing, I had no time to study for this exam because of the tremendous work load during this festive period. Hey, Chinese new year is only 3 days away.

Man, I really wish that good luck with ride with me through this. Having secure credit for 60% of the assignment and tutorial work, this exam is taking up the remaining 40% of the subject.

Throughout this part-time degree, I had made many friends and realised many things. I learn many skills both tangible and intangible ones. I appreciate my study group 4 (Suhaili, Is Sheng, Robin Khoo and Robin Koh) for sticking with me through the assignments and the whole course.

I sign off as I prepared to travel on the ever-jam-packed CTE to starhub center.

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