Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Greatest Race on Earth

M flying off to Hong Kong to take part in the HK marathon on 4th march 2007.

The Race

The Greatest Race on Earth is a challenging relay race across four of our established marathons in Nairobi, Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

The four marathons that make up The Greatest Race represent some of the toughest running conditions in the world.

Hong Kong
The Harbour Race is one of the world's toughest marathons. It's uphill all the way. The course takes you across the city, between skyscrapers, through bustling streets, over bridges, through a tunnel and onto a punishing five kilometre climb to the finishing line.

Hong Kong race is uphill all the way. Man this is crazy. God Bless me. The training has really slacken and we are enjoying the festive lunar new year. Celebrations with lots of goodies. Must watch on the diet and really binge after the marathon. Imagine going to Hong Kong, a food haven. This is going to be an uphill task man.


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