Thursday, September 27, 2007

Backpacking Trips

These few days, I'm certainly sucked into the dynamics of traveling. I am really fortunate to have resourceful friends who is really turning into travel advisers. In Benny, he is able to fish out the good websites for information. In Stuart, the discussions they shared over email is simply enticing the pack of 4. We are screaming, we cant' wait to go. Let's go tomorrow, but we do have to wait for Benny to complete his studies, after all, we are planning a 2 months trip.

Things that I learn
1. Visa - I like to think that Singapore has done a good job in keeping good diplomatic ties with other countries. Singaporeans are granted 3 months stay in Japan. Bravo. Whereas flying into China will grant a 30 day visa while embarking onto China by LAND will give a 14 day visa.

2. While in the comfort zone of being born in Singapore, the longest journey within Singapore may just be the result of a traffic jam on weekends. A long wait of the MRT is really the result of the crowd during after office hours. Imagine taking a train for 49 hours to go from Guangzhou to Lahsa. Whilst, there may be other activities to do on the train, I seriously do not know how my body for react to the long ride, considering I only been through 14 hours bus journey from Singapore to Thailand, HatYai.

There should be more things to learn from this. I could really sign off by saying, EVERYONE IS IGNORANT, ONLY ON DIFFERENT SUBJECTS.


Anonymous said...

Brudda, it was 14hours bus ride to Hat Yai! And another 8 hours to get to Phuket.

AV Hostess said...

Thanks to the bilateral argreements baby. Also, not factual that flying in will grant 30days visa permit, its just a tentative assumption.

I also wanna say 'Let's go tomorrow!' Go save up first lah!

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