Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Plan is out 4 TIBET

Even when change is the only constant. We must and should have a plan. So what's the plan?

Tentative date of departure for China - April 2008 (Avoiding the crowd for Beijing Olympics 2008 in August)
Get to Guangzhou via AirAsia (estimated SGD 150)
Get to Lhasa via the railway (estimated SGD 180 for about 57 hours covering a distance of 4,980 kilometers)
Visa permits (estimated SGD 100 for entry into Tibet, may need to go for visa rush for China since we planning to stay in China for say 1 month.
Take rail or bus to Beijing to see the preparations for the Olympics and enjoy the culture (Got to tell people I been to Beijing during the Olympics year)
En route to Shanghai (Enjoy the food before taking ferry to Japan, Osaka if money permits.)
Visit places in Japan and come back to Singapore via JAL or ANA. (Make it a comfortable trip back to Singapore)

Railway information
Ferry to Japan, Osaka

So, the immediate plan is to save money and look forward for the date.


Lisa said...

woa! good for u :)

AV Hostess said...

Yah, you can tell your friends you had Peking duck and also spitted at Tiananmen Square right before the Olympic Mascots

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