Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ex-hostages say they were given gift of life

Yup, 19 South Korean Hostages were finally freed after 6 weeks in the hands of Guerrillas in southern Afghanistan.

Only after they were freed that they know 2 of their fellow men were killed in demand of release of Taliban prisoners. It is cruel ain't it, considering these South Korean were Christians(Doctors and medical staff) on a mission to help the misfortune in Afghanistan, with their kindness being returned with ruthlessness.

Now that the hostages are free, the Saem-Mul Presbyterian church at Bundang on the outskirts of Seoul has also come in for strong public criticism for organising what was seen as a reckless trip.

The group ignored foreign ministry warnings against travel to Afghanistan, where more than 1,000 South Korean Christians were deported en masse last year because of security concerns.

Let us hope that kindness will beget kindness, but well if kindness is not returned, continue to do good ANYWAY, cause it will eventually turn out good.

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