Monday, September 24, 2007

Rainie Yang with Jellyfish hairstyle 缺氧

This song got very strong similarity to Fan Xiao Xuan's Oxygen (氧氣) They use similar techniques to sing the songs. Taking in deep breaths and letting the breathing be heard in the singing. Compare between the 2 MVs. One shot this year and another one way back in 1998. Well, both songs got something to do with oxygen.


chanapong said...

rainie yang and jolin tsai video at asia star
Rainie Yang
Jolin Tsai

Humpy said...

Thanks for the new concept about jellyfish hairstyles. It was impressive and follows the latest Hairstyles 2010 Trends the. Thanks for the video clips also. said...



PS. 本訊息若有打擾到您~ 敬請見諒!!!

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