Thursday, October 18, 2007

Banging onto a Taxi

Growing up is about sharing. My buddy have been sharing with me his experiences of reading a book about Triathlon Training. He is really inspired by the book.

Blogging is about sharing. So, I would like to share a short story here about me knocking onto a Taxi. It was a unfortunate weekday morning. I was reversing out of my car park lot and then "WHAM BANG". I bang into this SMART Taxi. The side of the boot was really dented. We got out of our own vehicles, exchanged particulars and left the scene. Shortly, both of us went to report to our respective insurance companies.

What happened after this is really shocking, I received my very FIRST lawyer's letter. And it is really good to share the details.

Besides the normal claims from the workshop, items claimed includes.
1. Taxi Rental for 5 days: works out to be around $400.
2. Taxi driver's income for 6 days: works out to be $120 per day.

Wow. Figured out I got my insurance really well worth the money. Talk about value for money.

And my next lawyer's letter would be a HUGE INHERITANCE from a distant uncle.

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Dionis said...

Taxi thing sounds bad. I think it's a common practice for them to claim their rental and income. :|

I bumped into a taxi just recently in a jam. It happened because he was starting and stopping using his engine brake. My own repairs came up to $260, while his came up to $2000, 10 times of mine.

The worst thing was that it was only a slight dent and I suspect something fishy is going on. Urgh, kinda frustrating when the insurance company keeps calling me up.:S

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