Thursday, October 25, 2007

Changi International Airport

Been some time since I come here to pick up fetch friends. Today, I got the journey here by SBS. What greeted me was the entrance to terminal 3.

So now, there are 4 terminals at our airport.
1. Terminal 1
2. Terminal 2
3. Budget Terminal
4. Terminal 3

Here I am using the complimentary internet access in Terminal 1 to blog and in the morning, TV news splashed the madien flight of the WORLD's first A380.

Ah, have to go for boarding soon and there is really a 15 minutes time limit for this complimentary internet service.

Stay Hungry ya.


terry said...

U'r wrong man. There's five altogether.

You should check out

Membership can costs up to 1 grand per use.

marcoEcrazyhorse said...

ermm, Terry, the terminal is linked to Terminal 2 in Changi Airport so it is really a standalone terminal?

Well, all this add up to the aim of Singapore becoming an aviation hub. Cheers

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