Tuesday, October 9, 2007

David Tao Concert in Taipei

Just as you would thought that the whole world given up on you. Fret not. Believe and you will LIVE your DREAM.

I always wanted to watch David Tao Live. Been a fan of his since I was introduced to his music in 1998. The only concerts that he is having now are all based in Mainland, China. Last year, David Tao "LOVE CAN" World Tour concert, he really skipped Singapore and only went to Malaysia. This year, 2007, DT is having in concert in Taiwan, Taipei on the 26,27 October.

Asked a few friends to come along with me to Taipei for his concert, but it is really crazy to go out of Singapore for a concert. Again, I want to say, THIS ain't any concert, ITS Hennessy ARTISTRY 軒尼詩 陶吉吉1.2.3我們都是木頭人. Well, I really do not find any english name for the concert, but the name of the name seems commercial and edgy to me.

Really have to thank Wanlin for wanting to come to watch the concert with me. Well, she is residing in Taiwan, so she will play hostess this time round. And I'm damn bloody touched to have her say she will pick me up from the airport in Taipei. This friend is a keeper.

I will do a review of the DT Taipei Concert after the concert.

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