Thursday, October 4, 2007

KTV session

I called Taiwan but failed to find someone to go with me to David Tao Concert in Taipei, Taiwan on the 26/27 Oct. Of course, I could really go to Taiwan alone and I think I will enjoy the concert too. Its really part of me to want to see David Tao LIVE and share it with someone, because a lot of his songs are so special to me.

Now, 30 September was special, I meet up with Terry and his fiancee, Wenxin, managed to call long-lost friend Zyn out. She was really excited about congratulating the couple on their plans to have each other for the rest of their life.

We had dinner at Sun with Moon restaurant at wheelock place, this place, Terry claims that usually it takes 3 days advance booking to get table. Oh, the food is still good but not as popular as last time. They have a new branch at Central Mall too. Good food, considering it turn Zyn, someone who detest and never like sushi, to fall prey to peer pressure and actually LIKED the swordtail sashimi.
The grill oysters with bacon. Delicious.

After which, we went to 10 dollars KTV at chinatown for a hearty session of KTV. the crowd was small and comfortable. I had 2 great singers with me and I really enjoyed myself. Suddenly. 孫燕姿. I feel so much for the song. Zyn's rendition of the song was damn bloody good.

張惠妹- 人質 live
柯有伦 - (零)- Damn HIGH...healthy without any alcohol. Thank you, brudda Terry, always good to be singing with you around. No wonder, I think this must be one of the many reasons why Wenxin is so stuck to you. Kudos.
柯有綸 - 兩敗俱傷 - Wow, the female lead attractive man. Now, I say Alan Kuo's music is really underrated. I appeal for him. Support his music.

At the end of the day, I was really touched because it was a long time someone called and asked if I got home safely. Thank you. I appreciated it.

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