Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bukit Timah Reserve Running Route

Was at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to clock junk miles on the 7 October 2007 after a hard night's of partying.

It was my first time there but I really appreciate and like the running route I went through. All thanks to experienced runner Mr Mang. This running buddy of mine had been talking about this running route for the past 3 marathons. Over the last 3 marathons, we never went there together for training. He really picked up the nice running route during his army days.

I would like to share the running route with everyone. This circuit route must have been carefully planned out and it entails the runner utmost satisfaction and achievement. One of the best runs you could possibly have in Singapore.

Here it goes.
1. "Steep Slope" - Walk all the way up the steep slope before starting your run. (It is really enough a steep slope to warm you up. Take small steps up if you really need to run.)

2. Main Road - Follow the nice concrete main road all the way up to Bukit Timah Summit. (It is a nice winding gradual slope to the summit. While at the summit, enjoy the fresh air.)

3. Rock path - Run down the main road till you hit the rock path. Get into the rock path (Here, you are running in the terrain, though there are nice paths, you may need a little climbing at times.) Get round the rock path and out till you hit the main road again.

4. Rengas Path - From the main road, run up the gradual slope to give your thighs a good workout till you hit the Rengas Path. (Things start getting interesting when you are in the Rengas path. You could either go the long loop and finish off Dairy Farm Loop or hug and finish off the North View Path.)

5. North View Path - Within the Rengas Path, hit the North View Path. (We took the this shorter route as we wanted to familiarize the the surroundings.) From here, you could hit Seraya Loop. This is nice gradual slope for you to enjoy the run and cool weather the rainforest offers.

6. Seraya Loop - From Seraya Loop, seek out the Jungle Fall path. (Enjoy the run in the trail and you will occasionally meet some couples along the way)

7. Jungle Fall Path - Jungle Path path is really where the satisfaction comes in. Here, you will meet with the "Monsters". The route is gradual upslope till you hit the steps with the Jungle Path. The steps are high and they really slow you down.
Finish about 134 steps around 30cm in height and you are through to the main road.

8. Main road - This is the cool down and ending of the circuit where you really breeze through the down slope.

The achievement comes in when you have a gradual up slope all along and den "BANG", there is mighty upslope of steps you have to clear. Once out of the Jungle path, you are really thankful and appreciative.

The directions may not be clear so I attached a map with this entry. I will add in directions(as in Left, Right turns) once I can call Bukit Timah Nature Reserve my playground. Try it out for yourself.

National Parks Bukit Timah Website

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